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Geoffrey Thun
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Lauren Nicole Abrahams
Maya Przybylski
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Living Steel Extreme Housing Competition - honourable mention

Latitude, is a sustainable housing system designed for Northern Climates. Originally proposed for Cherepovets, Russia, the project sought to advance research in prefabrication and mass customization through the harnessing of local steel manufacturing processes, and as part of a 500 unit company town development for the project sponsor, Severstal. The Latitude System is comprised of rationalized, hybrid, fully serviced moment framed structural modules combined with flat-packed opaque and transparent panels to configure prefabricated interior and exterior living environments ranging from 800-3400sf and permitting maximum flexibility in the delivery of open space, while delivering the advantages of both 3d and 2d manufacturing processes. High performance glazing with exterior shading allows for large areas of glass that permit passive solar gain and ample daylighting. The project received an Honorable Mention at the 2008 Living Steel Extreme Housing Competition and was published in "Houses of Steel".

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