Summer 2014
Projection Project Leads:
Nicholas Croft
Michaela McLeod
Maya Przybylski
Project Support:
Daniel Malka
Project was exhibited as ReMADE: Post War Cities. The show was co-curated by Nicholas Croft, Rick Haldenby, Michaela McLeod, Maya Przybylski and Esther Shipman.

ReMADE was exhibited as part of the Building Waterloo Region festival.

Canadian cities expanded dramatically in the wake of the Second World War. The urban landscape and built fabric found distinct new forms as factories, schools, churches, public institutions and residential buildings presented themselves as emphatically modern. Cities across the country were undergoing an historic transformation, where the automobile, the baby boom and the suburb dramatically changed the face and the perspective of cities well into the next century.

Nowhere is this truer than in Waterloo Region. And nowhere did one architectural firm have more influence in shaping the built form of the new cities than the Kitchener firm of Barnett and Rieder (later Rieder, Hymmen and Lobban). Founded in 1946, this firm designed and built hundreds of industrial, public, private, religious and recreational buildings. At its best the firm’s work achieved the highest international standard and was recognized in Europe as being at the forefront of progressive design. The output was extraordinary, but the accomplishment has largely been forgotten and ignored as the buildings age, have been altered to the detriment of the original design and fade into the background of the consciousness of people of Waterloo Region.

ReMade presents working drawings of the most important projects of Barnett and Rieder, accompanied by photographs of details that capture the designers’ original ambitions to create an architecture that is primarily an effect of light and geometry, as well as unique three-dimensional reconstructions that highlight the original forms and technical innovation in the architecture of the period. The exhibition will culminate in a large multi-media display that uses digital projection to show the growth of the cities over the quarter century following WWII and the overwhelming dominance of the buildings designed by Barnett and Rieder.
Detail View of projection landscape
[photograph by Michaela McLeod]
Installed Projection Landscape

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